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Proposed reductions to scientific programs (such as the elimination of the Prevention and Public Health Fund or the proposed $6 billion NIH budget cut in FY 2018), threaten critical medical research, especially in regards to ME/CFS. ME/CFS has historically been in the bottom 4% of diseases funded by the NIH, which is alarming as ME/CFS affects more people than HIV/AIDS and Multiple Sclerosis combined. The mission of ME/CFS advocacy week is to raise awareness about ME/CFS, garner support and funds to find a cure, and fight to preserve the few federal ME/CFS research programs still in existence.

Join our nationwide effort to raise awareness, increase research funding, and combat budget cuts for ME/CFS. Tell your member of congress:
  • To get educated and attend our Capitol Hill Briefing on ME/CFS
  • To contact the NIH to support additional research for ME/CFS
  • To oppose reductions in funding that will halt ME/CFS research efforts

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